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By uniting together and using our voice as a community to raise awareness in a positive matter, we can prevent bullying by making this world a more beautiful and accepting place. One person at a time.

We’re about embracing imperfections in a safe space, free of non-judgement and empowering our generation of students and adults with simple reminders that we're perfect just the way that we are.

Together, we can create a more accepting, peaceful and more kind of a world. The difference begins with you. It's your time to shine as all of our voices matter.


The future goal is to be more involved with speaking in more schools in our region and across the world. Taking my story and showing others who dare to dream with making them coming true. Teaching others when they believe in themselves, anything can happen.

In 5 years, I would like to see myself having a full-program for schools to endorse and love by encouraging, motivating and teaching kindness with having a healthy and great mindset. ABOUT OUR LEADER, JUSTIN

Justin Preston is an inspiring motivational speaker who shares his personal story of being bullied and suffering with mental health in the past. He turns a negative into a positive by being a voice for those who may at times feel voiceless.

Justin has interacted with 6,500 students at a time and has been featured on national televison. He has also become a blog writter and a YouTuber. Sharing his ongoing life journey as a diary on the internet has allowed people to relate to and learn from his hard-ships. Justin dedicates hours a day reaching out to people with low self-esteem.

The Rise Against Bullying global campaign has gathered thousands of people to stand together and support one another worldwide. He's been leading a strong message coming from his heart with 100,000 views on Youtube and over 100,000 followers on social media.

By using his experience and taking the most difficult things and turning them into a campaign to help others, Justin has become a voice for those who need strength and courage and has provided a reminder of the devastation caused by bullying and discrimination. Through his videos, speaking, and social media activity, Justin hopes to have a direct impact on people by providing hope and perhaps saving lives along the way.


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